Sherman TX to Hot Springs AR

Welcome to Arkansas

Yesterday I departed Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glen Rose TX and headed up to Sherman TX to visit my Mom and brother. This morning it was time to get out of Texas and let the journey really begin!

I headed up Hwy 75 through Durant OK, then cut east on 43. It was pastoral two-lane roads the rest of the day. Beautiful rural countryside all the way.

I stopped for BBQ lunch at the Chopping Block in Mena Arkansas, then continued to a free public land campground I found on one of my apps on Lake Ouachita in Arkansas. I thought I might be able to break out the paddleboard there for a nice evening paddle.

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Austin TX to Dinosaur Valley State Park


My vanlife journey has started. Almost a year and a half after I sold my property management business. Covid kind a messed things up.

Building the jeep Camper kept me busy during 2020 Covid and I enjoyed that form of travel but now I have something I can truly live in and go all over the country doing the “old guy on sabbatical” thing. Try to find myself, find a new purpose in life, and all that.

I left out of Austin today, and came up to Dinosaur Valley State Park near Glen Rose TX. I went for a long hike this evening and this place is fantastic. A kid’s paradise. But also super awesome for adults who love nature.

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