This is my personal blog where I write about life in Austin TX, travel, van life, and other things. If you’re looking for my real estate site, go to Crosslandteam.com

After a 30 year career in real estate and property management, I sold my property management business at end of 2019 and planned to set out for world travel 2020.

Covid-19 interrupted those plans so I purchased a new Jeep Rubicon and outfitted it for Overland adventure travel camping and explored all of the western states during Covid, camping mostly in Forest Land, Free Public land, and state campgrounds when I could find a spot.

While I loved the Jeep camper, I decided I wanted a few more creature comforts, so I sold it early 2021 and purchased a 10 year old Roadtrek camper van.

During May/June of 2021 I took the Roadtrek Van on a maiden voyage up into New England to Explore.

I write about these adventures and other things in my Blog. Feel free to follow along.